There is a non-surgical and painless solution to the urinary incontinence problem!

Use of Laser Applications for Urinary Incontinence

Researches show that about 20-46% of the women in reproductive age and about 40-69% of women in menopause have urinary incontinence problems. Many women adapt changes in the lifestyle such as using ped, not leaving the house and try to deal with this problem on their own. At this point, laser urinary incontinence treatment come in. Urinary incontinence treatment with laser known as “preventive treatment” all over the world. With aging and deliveries urinary incontinence complaint advances, before it gets to a point where it affects our daily life, preventive protocols helps getting ahead of a complaint that you may face in the future that could lead up to a surgical intervention. Within this scope if we take a look at the urinary incontinence treatment with laser.

1-How Does Laser Affects Urinary Incontinence?

Front-wall of the vagina is the back wall of bladder and urinary channels. Laser shots to the front-wall of vagina, alerts the collagen synthesis here, this helps bladder and urethra back wall to strength up. Especially what we call SUI; where urinary incontinence is present with coughing and laughing we can do two sessions with 1 month gap, 70% of the patients have showed an improvement with laser treatment.

2- How is Laser Applied for Urinary Incontinenece Treatment?

The laser application can be applied in 20 minutes, in clinical environment any kind anesthesia is not needed. Patient can get back to her daily routine life as she leaves the clinic. We a special kit, laser shots are sent to the front-wall of the vagina at this point patient may feel some heat. Apart from this, no pain is not felt during urinary incontinence treatment with laser.

3- Who is the Patient Group for Urinary Incontinence Treatment with Laser?

All women with slight or moderate level of urinary incontinence can have laser treatment. Before the application of the treatment, patient must be examined and make sure that patient does not have serious saggy bladder. Additionally, patient must also be examined for systemic diseases such as Parkinson, diabetes etc. Before the treatment patient should not have urinary tract infection, this should be treated first. As the laser treatment does not any side-effects, mothers can have this treatment after their pregnancy.

4- What is the Post-Treatment Procedure on Urinary Incontinence with Laser?

After laser urinary incontinence treatment, you can turn back to your daily routine right away. It is even possible have your treatment on your lunch break and back to work. There are no side-effect what so ever, but it is advised to not have sex for 3 days.

5- How Many Sessions You Should Have for Urinary Incontinence with Laser?

For the start having 2 sessions with 20 to 30 days of gap in between is advised. On more severe cases, we may need the 3rd session. As on Botox applications, you should repeat the laser treatment couple times in the year, in this way you can have continuous effect of the treatment.

6- Is Urinary Incontinence Treatment Laser a Persistent?

Effect of urinary incontinence treatment with laser last for up to 18 months after the second session. Our advice is to repeat the treatment once a year to have effective persistency of the treatment.

7- What are the Side-Effects of the Urinary Incontinence Treatment with Laser?

There are no serious side-effects of the urinary incontinence treatment with laser. Patient only mention they can feel the heat during the treatment caused by laser shots.

8- Can Urinary Incontinence Laser Treatment be Applied as a Preventive Treatment?

By aging (over 35) and after delivery, you can apply urinary incontinence treatment with laser once a year to eliminate future urinary incontinence issues. In the modern medicine we advise you to start preventive treatment for urinary incontinence.

It is Possible to Treat Urinary Incontinence without Surgery.

INCONTILASE (Urinary Incontinence Treatment with Laser) can help you getting over urinary incontinence issues. Slight and moderate levels of urinary incontinence caused by stress, mix type incontinence laser can be an effective solution. With laser treatment tightening can be achieved and single sessions is sufficient.

Why Incontilase (Laser Treatment)?

  • No care before and after the operation is necessary.
  • Operation, anesthesia, scar and stitching is not needed.
  • During the procedure, no pain is felt.
  • Procedure lasts about 20-25 minutes.
  • You can turn back to your daily routine right after.
  • High success rates and patient satisfaction is achieved.
  • Low complication risk and no side-effects.

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