What Is Early Menopause, Should It Be Treated?

If the appearance of menopause symptoms before the age of 40 is called early menopause. The incidence is 1% in the female population. Since there are many health problems and even shortening of life, these women should be given hormone supportive therapy at least until the normal age of menopause.

What are the causes of early menopause?

Genetic predisposition is seen in 40% of the patients who enter early menopause. For this reason, people who know that there are women who enter the menopause early in their family should be more careful in this respect and should not postpone having children.

Infections of the ovaries due to viruses can lead to early menopause. It has been suggested that diseases such as mumps, cytomegalovirus, malaria, and chickenpox can lead to early menopause, but definitive evidence has not been revealed.

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments can also cause early menopause.

Autoimmune diseases also concern the body's immune system and can cause antibodies against the ovarian tissue to form and destroy the ovarian tissue.

How is Early Menopause Diagnosed?

The levels of FSH, LH and E2 hormones are examined in the diagnosis. For definitive diagnosis, blood samples should be examined 2-4 times with an interval of 1 week.

What is Early Menopause Treatment?

Firstly, it should be considered that 10-15% of these patients may return spontaneously and their hormone values should be checked periodically. If the person wants to have a child, by examining the FSH and LH levels in the blood, ovarian stimulating drugs can be given to accelerate pregnancy. Hormone therapy should be started in other patients to prevent osteoporosis and other symptoms of menopause. It should be remembered that during hormone therapy, 10-20% of patients can spontaneously get out of menopause, and therefore a small proportion of patients may become pregnant spontaneously. Hormone therapy does not prevent pregnancy and does not cause serious disability on pregnancy.

The hormone supplement can be administered separately with oestrogen and progesterone pills or birth control pills.

Consequently, early menopause, which is a disease that can lead to osteoporosis, tendency to heart diseases and consequently shortening the life span, should be treated with appropriate drugs.

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