G-Shot Injections (G spot expansion)

Although many women try to save the situation by “imitating orgasms” for the sake of their partners in World. This may cause serious problems, relationship problems and decreases in sexual desires. You won't have to fake orgasm with G-Shot Injections.

What is G-Spot?

The G spot was first introduced by the German Gynecologist Ernest Grafenberg, MD. in 1950s. When Ernest Grafenberg, MD (1981-1957) described this region for the first time in his scientific article, he was unaware that G-Spot would be given the first letter of his surname. After his death, this spot was called G-Spot.

What is G-Shot Injection?

Orgasm is now easier with G-point enlargement (G-point filling). The G-point, which provides vaginal orgasm during sexual intercourse, can now be enlarged with a simple non-surgical filling injection. In this way, sexual intercourse is more satisfactory and orgasm becomes easier.

The G spot magnification process, which is used to make the G spot prominent and increase sensitivity during sexual intercourse, is also known by the names "G shot" and "G shot amplification", "G spot amplification.

How is G-Shot Applied?

After local anesthesia and G point are numbed, 1 or 2 cc of filler is applied to the area. The process takes about 15-20 minutes. After the G-point augmentation (filling application), a ban on sexual intercourse for three days is imposed. There is no serious pain is felt during the procedure.

How Long Does G-Shot Injection Effect Continue?

As with all filling applications, the effect will initially last for six to nine months. In repeated filling applications, the effect will be permanent for a longer time.

Where is the G spot Located?

The G-spot is an erogenous area within the vagina, which becomes evident by touching it by hand, located just below the urinary canal. In this region, it is composed of the “skene glands”, which correspond to the prostate gland in the male and produce secretion in the vagina, collectively. Therefore, it would be much more accurate to see the G-point as an anatomical region rather than an organ.

  • G point is the main region that provides the coital orgasm during the relationship.
  • G point is the main organ that provides vaginal orgasm in women.
  • G-point is the main structure that provides more vaginal orgasm since it is located in the vagina. Vaginal orgasm is also called “coital orgasm” (coital orgasm) or “orgasm during intercourse”.

Some ladies complain of not being able to experience an orgasm through the vaginal (coital) way, although they may have orgasms from the outside by hand wank or rubbing. Failure to orgasm during intercourse (when the penis is in the vagina) can cause insecurity, unhappiness, depression and bursts of anger at times.

Unfortunately, even in our country, many women try to save the situation by “imitating orgasms” against their partners, but over time, this can cause serious problems, relationship problems and sexual desires. The G spot can now be enlarged.

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