Genital Rejuvenation with Fillings

Genital filling applications are applied for genital rejuvenation after menopause. Genital filling shows its effects for up to 2 years.,

What is Genital Area Filling Application?

Synthetic substances or autologous applied under the skin. These are corrective, minimal interventional applications. With the autolog fillings one's own fat tissue can be used.

Filling application in the genital area; is done to correct deformities in this region.

Why Genital Area Fillings is Used?

Especially with age and post-menopausal atrophic vulvovaginitis; slipperiness decreases, skin hydration decreases, muscles dissolve. With the advancement of age and slimming, the subcutaneous adipose tissue decreases and the tissue loosens in large lips. Filling applications of Labia majora (large lips) improve the appearance of the external genital area. Younger appearance, mons pubis growth; reduces pubic bone trauma during sexual intercourse.

Different Types of Genital Fillings?

Autolog, that is, fillings made using one's own fat.

How Do Hyaluronic Acid Fillers Imapct the Genital Area?

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is a special protein found in human joints that gives it lubricity. HA in skin tissue is a gel-like substance that fills the gaps between elastin and collagen fibers. It increases water retention in the skin.

How to Autolog / Fat Fill in the Genital Area?

Autologous filling; is the process of removing the own fat and applying it to the genital area. For the filling to be used in the genital area, excess fat tissue that can be taken from the person's abdomen, waist side area or inner legs can be used. Local anesthesia and mild sedation will be sufficient during fat removal. Oil filling can be applied to the genital area simultaneously.

What are the Reasons for Genital Filling Applications?

Filling the empty labia for rejuvenation.
To conceal the inner labia overflowing under the labia majora.
To hide the vaginal cavity due to excessive labial tissue removal.

What is the Permanence Period of Genital Area Fillers?

The permanence period of Hyaluronic Acid filler is 12-18 months. The period of filler made with the use of one's own oil is a little longer. This period can be extended up to 24 months.

Who Cannot Have Genital Area Filler?

For those with a history of cancer in Vulva,
If there is active herpes or HPV in the genital area,
For those with autoimmune and immune system diseases,
Those who have been allergic to hyaluronic acid in the past should not be filled in the genital area.

What are the complications of genital area filling application?

When the procedure is performed by a specialist, it does not cause any serious complications. A temporary swelling and bruising may occur after the procedure. Edema may develop in a small proportion of patients. Asymmetric may occur during the procedure. Rarely, hyperpigmentation (color change) can be observed.

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