Genital PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Applications

How Does PRP Impact On The Genital Area?

The importance of Platelets (platelets) in the treatment of PRP in the genital area, other than hemostasis (blood clotting), initiates and regulates wound healing with growth factors and cytokines. It has been previously shown in publications that PRP; It is very effective in wound healing and tissue regeneration. For all these reasons, PRP applications have also been brought to the agenda on issues such as rejuvenation of the genital area and sexual reluctance.

Where PRP can be used in the genital area?

It can be applied inside the vagina and external genital area. Our goal in genital PRP applications that we do inside the vagina is to provide tissue renewal and create positive effects on sexual reluctance and orgasm.

Again, in the treatment of vaginal dryness that occurs in women in menopause, we provide regeneration of the vagina with genital / vaginal PRP applications.
Another application area of PRP is for the purification and rejuvenation of the external genital area (labium majus), purely for cosmetic purposes.

Why PRP Applied in the Genital Area?

Genital PRP'nin uygulama alanları

Laser Genital Procedure

Labia Majora (Outer lips) can be applied to the genital area PRP for rejuvenation and coloring.

In order to help with urinary incontinence treatment, genital PRP can be applied between the upper wall of the vagina and the urethra (urination pipe).

In the correction of episiotomy (incision at birth) scars, genital PRP can be applied.

In order to reduce vaginal dryness and painful sexual intercourse, genital PRP can be applied inside the vagina.

Genital PRP can be applied to the sensitive points of the clitoris, G point and vagina for O shot (orgasm treatment).

How PRP is Applied to the Genital Area?

Multi-point injection technique; A large number of injections are applied to the area to be PRP within a certain systematic.
Tunnel Technique.
Genital area PRP applications; It is applied 3-4 times with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

Who can not apply this procedure (Contraindicated)?

Genital PRP cannot be administered to those with severe coagulation disorders, anticoagulant (blood thinning) treatment, and chronic liver disease. In addition, it is not correct to apply PRP treatment in the genital area in those with chronic diseases related to the immune system. Pregnancy and postpartum periods are not suitable periods for genital PRP applications.

Is the PRP Applications Painful?

The procedure is not a painful procedure. The more pain / pain sensation there is in the PRP procedure applied to any part of the body, the more it is felt. After the procedure, the patient can go home immediately. There is no need for any restrictions, except for a one-week relationship ban after genital area PRP treatment.

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