Female Sexual Dysfunctions and Treatment

The most basic facts of our physical and mental health, sexuality, must be resolved because it was considered taboo in Turkey in terms of social and religious interests that are difficult to be an impulse. This impulse is a secondary impulse and its purpose is to ensure the continuation of the generation.

Naturally, human beings are sexual. Sexuality is a vital, healthy and inseparable part of life that color life, make it enjoyable and fun.

Sexuality starts with getting to know yourself and your partner first. If left alone, natural sexuality provides spiritual and physical relaxation and ensures the continuation of the generation. For a healthy and happy sex life, first of all, it is necessary to get rid of the prejudices and myths about sexuality, to know ourselves and our partner well and to have the right knowledge.

So what happens, over time, that sexuality that turns out to be pleasure and continuing in harmony turns into an agony? These; we can evaluate it as the factors that prepare it first, then start it and lastly continue it. The most important point in the treatment of sexual dysfunctions; it is to eliminate the event that caused it. The distribution of sexual dysfunctions in women in World is as follows:

The most important thing to note; the sexual functıon disorders can be treated.

For this reason, do not hesitate to get help from professionals who are interested in this subject. In Sexual Therapy, determining the cause of the event and planning treatment for it is the first condition. It would be more appropriate to ensure that sexual dysfunctions are perceived as a problem of the couple, not about a single individual, and to use the definition of teaching the art of sex instead of treatment.

In the Treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions;
After eliminating organic causes, the first step is to direct the patient with sexual therapy. Furthermore, in some drugs that increase sexual arousal gel and administered with the aim of helping patients. Women who are physically disturbed about their body, especially their genital area, can be helped with vaginal aesthetic applications and genital laser applications. A woman who misses urine at the time of intercourse or complains about the elasticity of her vagina will naturally escape sexuality.

With these surgical methods and vaginal laser applications; Certainly, rejuvenating the vagina and increasing its sensitivity will undoubtedly make very positive changes in the woman's sexual life.

What Is Vaginismus, Can It Be Treated?

In the researches and surveys carried out by CİSED, the most common reason for women to apply to sexual dysfunction clinics has been shown to be vaginismus. Then it is necessary to consider vaginismus separately.

Vaginismus; This is the state of contraction, anxiety, fear, disgust and panic throughout the body, especially the muscles around the vagina. As a result, the woman tightly closes her legs in a size that prevents her from opening, and pushes her partner with her hands. These women, who think that their hymen is too thick or their vagina is too narrow, engage in defense and protection efforts as a result of the expectation of pain. This is called VAGINISMUS.

The correct thing is to make this diagnosis permanent or regenerative in order to make this diagnosis. In order not to let the sexual intercourse happen and be afraid of "what if it hurts," involuntarily, namely, the contractions beyond the control of the woman are a vaginal reflex that originates from the unconscious, as well as a primitive and bodily fear reflex. Vagina entrance, consisting of 2 cm smooth muscles, according to the patient's false perception; It contracts due to contractions, hardens, and makes it almost impossible to merge.

Vaginismus is the problem of the couple, not of the woman. Normally, women who refuse sexual intercourse are expected to have erection problems, sexual anorexia, or premature ejaculation in their spouses over time. All this can increase the woman's mistrust even more and cause her to fear leaving. For all these reasons; vaginismus should not be hidden, time should not be extended and absolute sexual therapists should be helped. Because vaginismus is a disease that can be treated at the rate of 100% in a week or ten days with the right treatment and therapy.

First of all, it is useful to know that vaginismus is a treatable temporary condition. Vaginismus women are lucky that they will show full recovery. In this treatment process, the only thing that needs to be done is to find a sexual therapist or sexologu that will be a good guide to the woman, explain everything clearly and most importantly, the desire to recover. If the woman manages to do this, she will heal herself in a short period of a week, ten days, with exercises called love games recommended by her sexual therapist or sexologue.

Treatment is also; Informing the client sexually correctly, teaching to control the involuntarily contracted vagina muscles (love muscles) and then proceeding step by step with the right love games (exercise) will ensure that the problem disappears in a very short time. In recent years, we see that women who have undergone inadequate, unsuccessful psychotherapy and / or sexual treatment have low treatment motivations, lost hope of improvement and become difficult cases. Therefore; The first and most important approach to the treatment of vaginismus is to reach the sexual therapist or sexologist who has received this training.

Is There a Place for Laser in Sexual Dysfunctions?

The answer to the question is clearly YES. With YAG Laser, it is possible to renew and narrow the vaginal tissue without surgery and pain.

Studies have shown that in women who give birth (especially normal birth), with the progression of their age, flexing occurs in the vaginal tissue. With this yawning, women experience self-confidence in their sexual life, and if left untreated, these women encounter sexual desire disorder. When this whole process is prolonged, this situation causes serious problems in the family. For this reason, in patients who applied to us, we used to perform vagina-narrowing operations by surgical method. Now, we can now narrow and renew the vaginal tissue with LASER APPLICATIONS WITHOUT SURGERY, SILENCE AND ANESTHESIA.

Why Vaginal Laser (Intimalase)?

  • It does not require surgery, anesthesia, incision and stitching (non-invasive).
  • No pain is felt during and after the application.
  • You can return to daily life immediately.
  • An effective solution that provides high success rate and patient satisfaction.
  • A reliable method with no complication risk or immediate effect.
  • It takes short enough to be applied even during lunch (20-30 minutes)

Let's not forget that "Women are not Born, You Become a Women."

Op. Sibel Malkoç, MD

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

Dr. Sibel Malkoç attended many domestic and international training seminars and congresses during 25 years of specialised physician service.

Pregnancy follow-up, urinary incontinence surgery and laser treatments, genital aesthetic surgery and laser applications and vaginismus treatment are of special interest.

It serves its patients especially in surgical and laser-assisted Vagina aesthetics.