Painful Sexual Relationship in Women (Disparonia)

Repetitive and persistent genital pain during intercourse is called dysparonia. Two-thirds of women experience this disease at some point in their lives. There are 2 types: superficial and deep.

  • Superficial dyspareunia; Chronic infections, clitoris hypersensitivity, episotomy scar, vaginal infections, and relationships that are entered without adequate wetting can be caused..
  • If it is deep dyspareunia; Structural disorders of the vagina can cause cystitis, endometriosize, intestinal diseases and sagging in the genital organs.

Sexual anxiety, negative prejudices, history of sexual harassment, marital problems, anticipation of pain, fear, guilt and anger appear as psychosocial dyspareunia. It is very important to distinguish whether dysparonia is psychogenic or organic. Organic causes can be distinguished by an examination by a gynecologist.

It is very important to find the root cause of psychogenic origin dyspareunia. Sexual or non-sexual relationships interrupted by dyspareunia have important effects on self-esteem, femininity and happiness.

Treatment is also; If there is an organic cause, medical treatment for the cause is applied. In psychological problems; the main reason (anger, anxiety, fear, depression, history of sexual abuse, guilt-redemption) is tried to be determined. Sexual therapy is started for the cause and couples are taken together.

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