What is Clitoral Hudoplasty (Clitoris Aesthetics)?

'' Clitoral hud '' to the skin tissue covering the clitoris. Clitoral hudoplasty is an operation that aims to give this area a more aesthetic appearance by removing excess skin folds on the clitoris and removing wrinkles. It is also known as 'clitoris aesthetics' among the public.

Clitoris aesthetics (HUDOPLASTY) can be performed alone, or it is usually performed together with labioplasty, that is, inner lip aesthetic surgeries. Sometimes, it can be requested as a second operation later on only in patients who have undergone internal lip (labioplasty) surgery and do not experience adequate aesthetic satisfaction.

Why is Clitoris Aesthetics (Hudoplasty) Applied?

During labioplasty, after the inner lips are reduced and a nice appearance, most patients have skin wrinkles and folds on the clitoris, thus the swelling in this area reveals the appearance of a small penis. For this reason, in all patients with internal lip aesthetics, especially in the form of Barbie vagina, clitoris aesthetic surgery should also be performed. Otherwise, dissatisfaction may arise in patients who are dissatisfied with the appearance after the operation.

Klitoral Hudoplasti

Clitoral Hudoplasty

Does Clitoris Aesthetics (hudoplasty) Affect Sexual Pleasure?

We can confidently say no to this question. When done with the right technique, it never negatively affects sexual pleasure. The clitoris organ is not damaged during the procedure. Only excess skin tissue on the clitoris is removed, so it has no negative effect on sexual pleasure and orgasm.

Even after the genital aesthetic surgery, with increased self-confidence in patients, sexual pleasure increases and it can be easier to reach orgasm. It is important that the surgeon is experienced here and that the clitoris approaches the tissue precisely due to its anatomical and functional location.

In summary; Due to its existing anatomical structure, the clitoris region surgeries require precision and the surgical experience of the specialist working in this field is very, very important. When performed with the correct surgical technique, the aesthetic and functional results in clitoris aesthetic (hudoplasty) operations are extremely satisfying.

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