Labia Majora Reduction (Outer Lip Reduction)

In the young woman, labia majuses are full and there is no excess skin. The advancement of age, births, and lost weight may cause the skin of this area to sag over time, which can cause a loss of self-esteem in most women. For these reasons, Labia Majora reduction or reduction can be performed in suitable patients.

How is Labia Majora Reduction Process Performed?

Before the procedure, the patient is evaluated on an outpatient and gynecological table. It should be decided together with the patient how much the outer lips will be reduced. The procedure is completed under anesthesia in 40 minutes. After the reduction of Labia Majora, the patient should rest for 2 days. After 4 weeks, sports and sexual relations should be avoided.

Can There Be Complications After Labia Majora Reduction?

The complication rate after the procedure is very low. Rarely, bleeding and asymmetry are complications that can be seen. However, when necessary precautions are taken, these complications will not be seen.

Can Labia Majora be Filled Apart from Reduction?

Over time, the volume lost by the fat or filling materials can be regained to the outer lips, whose fat tissue decreases or stretches in the skin.

What is the Permanence Period in Labia Majora Filler Applications?

Labia Majusa filler; It can be done with its own adipose tissue or fillers taken from the patient. The permanence of the filling applications made with the adipose tissue taken from the patient is slightly more than the permanence period of the filling materials. This time; It is about 15-18 months for the procedures done with the patient's own adipose tissue and 9-12 months for the procedures with fillers. As the repetition of application increases, the duration of permanence increases.

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