What is Labioplasty (Inner Lip Aesthetics)?

There are inner and outer lips in the genital area. Labium minuses (inner lips) can be large, drooping, or asymmetrical. Labium maguses (outer lips) can be very large or sag with age. All this can aesthetically disturb the person, as well as cause vaginal infections. Patients with large labiums may experience discomfort in the social environment and may feel uncomfortable in wearing bikini, swimwear and tight pants and sexual activity.

Labioplasty operations that we perform for our patients in this group take about 30-45 minutes under general or local anesthesia. The stitches used during labioplasty do not need to be removed and there is no scar. After labioplasty; the person can return to their sexual life after 3-4 weeks.

Labioplasty (inner lip aesthetics) can also be applied to patients who are virgin and complain of the size or asymmetry of their labia. Virgin patients are never damaged by labioplasty because the inner and outer lips are in front of the hymen.

How is Labioplasty Operation Performed?

Labioplasty operation takes an average of 30 minutes and local anesthesia is generally preferred. Patients are taken into operation at the end of menstruation. The applied stitches are absorbed by the body and there is no scar.

It is not necessary to consult a doctor to remove the stitches. Immediately after labioplasty, patients return to their normal activities. It is recommended that these patients do not have sexual intercourse for 3-4 weeks. It is described that they do not shower for the first 2 days, then take a foot shower for 10 days and their personal hygiene.

Can Labioplasty Operation be Performed on Virgin Patients?

Labioplasty certainly does not damage the hymen. Because the hymen is 2-3 cm more inside the operation area. Therefore, it is easily done in adolescence and virgins.

Can women with labioplasty give normal birth later?

Patients planning to have labioplasty often wonder the answer to this question. Labioplasty operation does not constitute an obstacle for normal delivery afterwards. The applied stitches are absorbed by the body and there is no scar. No gynecologist will understand that you had labioplasty unless you state this.

Surgical Labioplasty or Laser Labioplasty?

Labioplasty can be performed surgically or by using the laser blade. Laser Labioplasty; its superiority to surgery is that it causes less bleeding and scarring (scar tissue) after the procedure. After laser labioplasty, the healing process takes place in a much shorter time and there are almost no scars left at the wound site. It is possible to decide which patient to perform labioplasty by laser and to which patient after surgery.

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