Treatment of Genital Warts with Laser

Genital warts are caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that is transmitted via sexual intercourse. Genital wart is generally caused by HPV type 6 and HPV type 11. We can only see a small part of the wart; the majority of the wart is hidden under skin. Treatment of genital warts via laser does not cause much damage to the superficial skin and helps destroying warts that are hidden underneath the skin.

Laser Should be Preferred on Genital Wart Treatment

Previously, procedures such as cauterization, medical cream and cryotherapy treatments was used. Nowadays with the use of laser applications for genital wart treatment has benefit of less pain, much faster recovery and better cosmetic results are achieved.

How is the Laser Used for Genital Wart Treatment?

          Local anesthesia is used on laser applications to treat genital wart, this is a procedure that can be applied at a very quick session. After the procedure patient can be get back to her routine life within 24 hours.

Is There Any Scar Left After the Treatment?

Recovery start very quickly after the procedure. Within 24 hours epithelialisation starts following laser treatment for genital warts. Approximately within 72 hours, 90% of the patient recovers fully without a scar.

How Many Times Laser Can Be Applied for Genital Warts

          Unfortunately, genital warts can be repetitive. This is not related with the treatment method. This is completely related with your immune system. Therefore, genital warts can reappear after laser treatment and laser applications can be applied multiple times. However, the second treatment should be planned once the previous lesions are fully recovered.

All these reasons make laser treatment is the most capable and desirable method for destructive treatment for genital warts, and it should be the primary treatment method.

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