Laser Vaginal Bleaching

Some conditions can have an impact on the colour of your genital area, these can be, aging pregnancies etc. Thus causes for having darker coloured genital skin than the rest of your body. This can affect your self-confidence, however there is an easy solution to this laser treatment can help you re-gain your confidence with an effective vaginal bleaching treatment.

How Does Vaginal Bleaching with Laser Applied?

    Whole procedure takes only 20 minutes, this is including the application of local anesthesia. The dark area is scanned with a laser and a cage like extension, With the affect of the laser rays, darkened skin tissue disappears and from below shinny, light coloured, fresh tissue replaces it. By that laser vaginal bleaching procedure is completed.

How Many Sessions Do I Need to Have?

The number of sessions can differ for each patient depending on the condition and the response that your skins gives. It is possible finish the treatment with just 1 session. After the initial session, patient is examined after a month to see if the patient needs any additional sessions, after this examination if it another session is needed your doctor can plan your treatment accordingly.

After your session in the first 24 hours, you may feel a little pain. Periodic ice application, creams with antibiotic and epithelize can be applied to help the pain. Those creams can be applied for a week.

Side Effects of Vaginal Bleaching with Laser?

Vaginal bleaching with laser does not have any kind of side-effects with apporiate dosages and experienced physicians.

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