What is Laser Labioplasty?

Labioplasty, correction operation applied to the small lips at the entrance of the vagina, called labium minus in women, labioplasty is an aesthetic surgery. Nowadays, many women resort to gynecologists with complaints of sagging or asymmetry on small lips. The sagging inner lips can cause loss of sexual and personal self-confidence and increase the probability of infection due to the poor genital appearance. With labioplasty, excess of small lips are removed and corrected.

Laser Labioplasty is the process of using laser for the labioplasty surgery.

Advantages of Laser Labioplasty

It is applied faster and then the recovery time is much shorter.

The biggest advantage of laser labioplasty is that since there is no stitches, there is almost no scar.

Recovery After Laser Labioplasty?

You can return to normal life after 72 hours. There is no stitching process. Intermittent ice application in the first 24-48 hours reduces pain and swelling. The only thing to be aware of is not to have sexual intercourse for 1 month.

Care After Laser Labioplasty?

The most important thing after surgery is to pay attention to hygiene rules.

Will I Feel Pain After Laser Labioplasty?

There may be some pain in the first 24 hours after the procedure. However, these symptoms can be easily controlled with oral pain relievers.

When Can I Return to Sexual Life After Laser Labioplasty?

After four to six weeks after laser labioplasty, sexual life can be restored.

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