Laser Vagina Tightening: "Intimalase"

Female genitals may lose their dynamics and function due to pregnancy, normal birth, weight gain, smoking, hormonal disorders, menopause and age. This can lead to problems such as looseness in the vagina muscles, enlargement of the vagina canal and deformities. The woman may experience a sense of inadequacy, aesthetic anxiety and self-confidence in sexual intercourse.

There is now a brand new treatment method in vagina aesthetics: 'Laser Vaginal Tightening': 'IntimaLase'
IntimaLase treatment tightens the vagina canal in a very short time without requiring surgery, anesthesia, incision and stitching, thanks to the new and unique non-invasive Er: YAG laser technology. The procedure can be applied in a short time of 20-25 minutes during the day and the patient can continue his normal life immediately. There is no pain during or after application and there is no risk of complications.

IntimaLase triggers new collagen production with photo-thermal effect created by laser beams on tissues. With this effect, both the existing collagen texture is rapidly renewed and new collagen fibers are formed in the application area (collagen neogenesis and remodeling). The result is a tightening of the vaginal canal (17% on average) and regeneration.

In many patients, a single application is sufficient, while in some patients a second application may be required after a month.

Why do doctors and patients prefer IntimaLase?

The laser vagina rejuvenation and tightening system IntimaLase is preferred for the following reasons:

  • It does not require surgery, anesthesia, incision and stitching (non-invasive).
  • No pain during or after application
  • You can return to daily life immediately
  • Measurable results are obtained
  • An effective solution that provides high success rates and patient satisfaction
  • A reliable system without complication risk and side effects
  • It takes short enough to be applied even during lunch (30 minutes)

With Er-yag laser technology, urinary incontinence can also be treated very effectively. Apart from this, cervical dysplasia, acne and acne spots, genital warts (condylomas) and whole body warts, calluses, pregnancy or weight-related cracks, sun and congenital spots, wrinkle-free wrinkles, capillary varices (spider veins) Surgical wounds and bed wounds can be treated, vulva skin whitening (whitening) and skin tightening.

Op. Sibel Malkoç, MD

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

Dr. Sibel Malkoç attended many domestic and international training seminars and congresses during 25 years of specialised physician service.

Pregnancy follow-up, urinary incontinence surgery and laser treatments, genital aesthetic surgery and laser applications and vaginismus treatment are of special interest.

It serves its patients especially in surgical and laser-assisted Vagina aesthetics.