Lifestyle Changes and Exercise in Menopause

A woman approaching menopause faces simultaneous transformations, such as the growth and separation of children, aging of parents, increased career and change of social responsibilities. We should also encourage the family to think about which direction to go for their career and personal development, and to use stress-reducing activities simultaneously. During the menopause; meditation, yoga, personal hobbies and their development lead to regular exercise, regulation of blood pressure, improvement of emotion and an increase in personal satisfaction. During this period, you can discover your other talents and interests through education, travel and personal development, and see the positive effects of these on your life. Stress-reducing activities will reveal very positive effects for the woman at the beginning of the menopause period.

Exercise is the most valuable tool to reduce the side effects of estrogen loss during menopause. Consistent physical activity increases the patient's well-being, increases libido, and improves mental and physical performance. In addition, regular exercise strengthens bones, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, and reduces the risk of cancer. Studies have shown that; Physical exercise during the menopause provided a significant reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. Women who participated in organized, regular exercises performed during the menopause period showed fewer menopausal symptoms than the control group. Maintaining ideal body weight during menopause reduces the risk of coronary artery disease and lowers blood pressure, which reduces the risk of stroke. In menopause, obesity increases the risk of colon and rectum cancer, endometrial cancer and breast cancer in women. For these reasons, women in menopause should exercise regularly to stay at their ideal body weight.

In addition, the exercises; By increasing the release of endorphins, it causes the person to feel more positive.
In the study of Kushi et al., Covering 40,412 women aged 55-69, the importance of exercise during menopause was explained in detail. As the physical activity was increased in the study, it was observed that deaths due to all causes decreased. All menopausal women who participated in any moderate activity were identified as beneficial.

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