Can I Get Pregnant While Entering Menopause?

The forties, when the period of entering the menopause is approaching or beginning, are the ages that women are most afraid of getting pregnant. The menopause period is a very long process. During this period, menstrual irregularities, delays, or early periods may take months. No matter how old the woman is, she may be ovulating if she is menstrual, but not regularly. This means that there is a rare pregnancy risk until the end of the menopause period. method. A woman who has gone through menopause must have at least a year past her last menstruation to completely stop pregnancy capability. Only then it is known to make sure that you cannot get pregnant.

What methods should be protected until the menopause process ends?

The most effective control methods recommended for women who have entered the menopause period are the method of connecting spiral and tubes.

Birth control pills containing hormones are not recommended at this time. They can cause vascular occlusion, especially women who smoke and drink alcohol after the age of 40.

It is not suitable in this period, as it contains high doses of hormones in needles, which are applied monthly or quarterly.

Condoms are both harmless and reliable method. However, a man using a condom should use it with sufficient care.

The withdrawal method is the riskiest method of protection and is not safe for any age group.
Protection with the calendar method is not a suitable method for this period. Since the woman has irregular menstruation during the menopause process, it is difficult to determine when she is ovulating.

As a result; In the period of entering the menopause, rarely ovulation occurs and it can become pregnant. Protection methods can be arranged individually or in person. However, the safest methods that can be suggested in this period can be listed as spiral, connecting tubes, or using the right condom.

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