Menopause and Sexuality

Why Does Sexuality Decline in Menopause?

Even though it means the termination of menstruation and ovulation as a literal meaning, it is a period to focus on woman seriously because of what she experiences and feels in this period. In our article you can find all your questions about sexuality in menopause.

Although the average age of menopause varies from society to society, the most important factor that determines the age of menopause is genetic predisposition. The average age for menopause tour of Turkey 47.5. With the prolongation of human life, menopause has covered almost a third of women's life, so the issue of sexuality in menopause has become a more researched and curious subject.

The effect of oestrogen hormone on sexuality in menopause?

In fact, although it is a completely natural process, the decreasing oestrogen hormone brings many results that concern many systems and can significantly change the quality of life of women. The reduction of this hormone plays an important way in reducing the desire for sexuality in menopause among other problems.

Menopozda Cinsellik

What Should I Expect From Menopause?

Menopause and Sexuality

After being aware of these events, sexuality can be experienced more freely and without the risk of pregnancy in menopause. Pain and burning may be felt in the relationship with the effect of decreasing sexuality in menopause due to the decrease in vaginal drying and tissue slipperiness, therefore this reduces the desire for sexuality in menopause. In addition to the reduction of oestrogen in menopause, the androgens produced in women and providing libido decrease a little. This decrease can lead to decreased libido. The most basic androgen, TESTESTERON, plays an important role in female sexuality. In testosterone deficiency, women have low libido, unexplained fatigue, and lack of motivation.

As the menopause is not the beginning of aging, it is not the end of femininity.

One of the biggest problems affecting sexuality in menopause, dryness in the genitals and locally applied creams and suppositories can be very useful in women who suffer from burning and pain. Despite the oestrogen supplement, ANDROGEN EFFECTIVE drugs are added to the treatment in patients with low libido, unexplained fatigue, and lack of motivation.

How to Protect Sexuality in Menopause?

If women in the menopause period share their sexual problems with their physicians with great clarity, they can receive the necessary support for a more beautiful and quality sexual life and have a healthier and happier menopause period. These supports will also positively affect your sexual life in menopause.

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