Perineoplasty (Correction of Episiotomy Traces)

Perineum is the name given to the area between the vagina entrance and the anus. Perineoplasty is an aesthetic correction operation of the perineum

Why is perinoplasty needed?

The most common reason is that the “episiotomy” cuts performed during childbirth do not heal well. With perineoplasty, a better aesthetic appearance can be obtained by removing poorly healed or collapsed or blistered scars (episiotomy scars). Thus, inflammation, opening, difficult and traumatic births of birthed episiotic sutures will be removed. Home births are the biggest cause of perineum rupture and bad appearance. On the other hand, poorly healing episiotomy scars sometimes cause pain and pain in sexual intercourse. Pain complaints in sexual intercourse with perineoplasty can also be eliminated.

Can perinoplasty be performed in women who have not given birth?

The perineum correction operation can also be performed on women who have not given birth. With the removal of the skin folds between the vagina and the anus, this area acquires a smoother and smoother appearance. In an aesthetically ideal perineum, there should be no birth seams and skin folds, the perineum should be light colored, straight and stretched, and the perineal distance between the anus-vagina should be as long as possible.

What Type of Anesthesia should be Prefered for Perinoplasty?

If the episiotomy scars are not too much, they can be applied under local anesthesia in a period of 30 minutes. However, some episiotomy scars may be very wide or need vaginoplasty. Since this group of patients will have a long surgical period, some sedation can be added to local anesthesia or general / epidural anesthesia can be applied.

When Can I Return Back to My Daily Routine After Perinoplasty?

The first 72 hours after perinoplasty (correction of episiotomy scars) will have some pain and pain. It is possible for the person to return to work 5/6 days after the procedure.

Are There Any Things to be Cautioned About After Perinoplasty?

After perinoplasty (correction of episiotomy traces), it is very important not to survive the first few days, apply ice to the vulva and pay attention to the hygiene of the area. Not having sexual intercourse for six weeks after perinoplasty is very important in terms of proper healing of the surgery.

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