Vaginismus is the panic attack of the vagina

Every day, more and more women around the world discover that they have vaginismus problems. However, the lack of answers and treatment makes them feel hopeless and helpless. However, many women who reach real experts can overcome vaginismus in a short time. In other words; vaginismus is not destiny and has 100% treatment. Just ask for the treatment and reach the right doctor…

Why Does Vaginismus Happen? What Is the Truth?

When the girls are younger, they learn the need to close themselves with the warnings of the elders of the family, whom they trust and believe, as if your leg will appear. These women, who learn to protect their privacy with great secrecy, experience a great panic and fear when they open their doors to sexual life that they never know and are never taught. A woman who says “No, I do not want, I will not open my legs” and is confused physically is called Vaginismus. Because women who have taken all their initiative about the beautiful things they can live about their own body and are said to be a shame and sin if they live, they struggle not to lose their souls, honor and virginity, which are the most valuable treasures they have preserved for the first night. This is the true cause of vaginismus.

What are the symptoms of vaginismus?

The most basic symptom of vaginismus is that when “at the moment it comes” a person experiences a panic attack. That is, the person pushes his partner, contracts, feels anxiety, fear and anxiety. Even though he is conscious, he loses control. Control passes into the hands of the unconscious. The person may get the following feelings and thoughts over time; decreased emotional satisfaction, guilt, shame, hate, disappointment, "When will you have children?" fear of time and sexual unwillingness over time due to questions…

When to Apply to a Sex Therapist in Vaginismus?

After the first attempt to have sexual intercourse, each couple often thinks that the problem is temporary and will be solved. When no results are obtained in subsequent attempts, it causes feelings of distress, tension, and lack of femininity and rejection in men. In this case, the problem usually gets bigger and the relationship begins to ring the danger bells. While some couples apply to a doctor without delay, others still experience this problem even after 20 years. Therefore, our suggestion to couples is to wait at least 1 week, if they cannot solve the problem on their own, they seek professional help.

Here is the most important issue to be considered at this point; THE TREATMENT IS INQUIRED TO BE EFFICIENT AND ETHICAL.

It is half of the treatment for couples to accept the negativity and apply to the sexual therapist. An experienced sexual therapist-sexologist will easily handle the other half.

It should be noted that treatment with an experienced sexual therapist will be 100% resolved in a short time. A real therapist aims to make the couple succeed in the therapy with the feeling of “we figured it out”.

Op. Sibel Malkoç, MD

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist

Dr. Sibel Malkoç attended many domestic and international training seminars and congresses during 25 years of specialised physician service.

Pregnancy follow-up, urinary incontinence surgery and laser treatments, genital aesthetic surgery and laser applications and vaginismus treatment are of special interest.

It serves its patients especially in surgical and laser-assisted Vagina aesthetics.